David Merkatz charged with falsing acting as a Locksmith

PALM BEACH, Fla. - David Merkatz is under arrest and is facing charges that he used phony websites to solicit customers from licensed Locksmiths.

Palm Beach Police say that last December they received a call from a town resident who had called Wilson Rowan Locksmith for service.

Police say that the person who responded told the homeowners that he was Richard Rowan and gave them a bill, even though he did no work at the home.

Investigators say that they received numerous calls from other residents about a man claiming to be a certified Locksmith.

Palm Beach Police say that David Merkatz had created copycat websites that appeared to represent real companies.

A search by detectives found copycat sites in Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Counties that trace back to David Merkatz.

Police say that they have interviewed over 100 people that contacted Merkatz when they thought there calling a licensed Locksmith.

Merkatz is currently being held in the Palm Beach County jail on fraud, money laundering, forgery and  using  false identity charges.

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