Blane Nordahl, dubbed 'burglar to the stars,' arrested near Jacksonville

PALM BEACH, Fla. -- A man that police have called one of the most notorious burglars in the United States has been arrested.

Blane Nordahl, dubbed a "burglar to the stars" by police, was arrested earlier this week near Jacksonville.

Nordahl, according to police, has been accused of as many as 70 burglaries in six states -- including three in the town of Palm Beach.

"Blane Nordahl was one of the more prolific burglars that our area had seen," Daniel Szarszewski, deputy chief of the Palm Beach Police Department said. "Many agencies across the country had been interested in his whereabouts."

Szarszewski said that in 1996, Nordahl broke into three mansions, including the home the late Curt Gowdy, by removing window panes.
Each time, Szarszewski said, Nordahl would steal high-quality silver.
Police said Nordahl may stolen more than $6 million in sterling silver and valuables over several decades.
"He obviously doesn't learn from his mistakes and he doesn't appear to accept any kind of rehabilitation," Szarszewski said. "Any time law enforcement catches one of these people it's good for the community."
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