Palm Beach County Commission to discuss proposal for more authority over gun regulations

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Should Palm Beach County and other home rules counties throughout Florida have more control over regulating concealed weapons and firearms?

The Palm Beach County Commission at its next meeting Tuesday April 2nd will consider a proposal to support a Florida House bill that would give counties more local control.

Palm Beach County, prior to 2011, had four ordinances and two resolutions related to gun control.

The Florida legislature passed a law two years ago that shifted gun regulations to the state.

House Bill 97, sponsored by State Representative Bobby Powell, would allow local government to pass rules and laws to meet the specific needs of its community without interference from the Legislature specifically when related to matters of public safety.

The proposed bill, according to information provided to the Palm Beach County Commission in it's agenda package, says the legislation would allow counties to regulate concealed weapons and ammunition at public buildings and government sponsored outdoor public venues under their control.

The Palm Beach County Commission will discuss the suggestion to support the proposed bill next week.


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