Young girl finds her lost puppy

Social media and the community help find dog

LOXAHACHEE, Fla. - Five year old Cheyanne has a smile back on her face, after her puppy Kono was found tonight after NewsChannel 5 aired the story.

The dog was about a half mile from his home and appears to have lost about ten pounds.

NewsChannel 5 spoke with the little girl earlier in the day about her beloved pet. 

"What kind of fun stuff do you like doing with Kono? Like playing dress up with him and stuff."

Five year old Cheyanne and her 10 month old dog Kono are inseparable. Because Cheyanne has an autoimmune blood disorder, her time with friends is limited. There are no restrictions on Kono being with Cheyanne. "Walk him, feed him and all that stuff," she said.

Two weeks ago, Kono disappeared during a thunderstorm in Loxahatchee.

Cheyanne said, "Well we looked everywhere, around the house, outside the house, everywhere, even in our backyard."

Her mother, Lauren Drane told us, "As a mother, I need my baby's dog back. I leave no stone unturned."

The family reached out to a Loxahatchee woman who started a Facebook page which helps reunite pets and their pet owners.

Gail Bass is joining other organizations to get the word out-- "Feel N Fine K9 and Equine" and I have two of my administrators here with me today that have been very helpful. We went ahead and put it out on this page for the community to help to search. We have about 1600 members. We figure that would really get the chances of getting this special pet back home quickly."

Gail says she has helped 90 families find their beloved pets. And it seems tonight there is good news-- Kono has been found, with help from "Loxahatchee Lost and Found Pets" and the community.




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