Tropical Storm Andrea: Residents impacted by tornado begin clearing debris, repairing homes

Some residents are still cannot sleep in homes

THE ACREAGE, Fla. - Tropical Storm Andrea might be moving away from Florida, but the storm is still having an impact on Palm Beach County.

In The Acreage, downed trees remained in numerous yards, tarps were still covering damaged roofs and many windows were boarded up after shattering from the impact of a tornado.

A day after the out bands of Tropical Storm Andrea produced a tornado that ripped through The Acreage, the reality of what the 100 mph winds did started to set in with residents.
"I have to say I slept for about two hours last night. I got up this morning and I have to say I was kind of hoping it was just a bad dream, but it wasn't," said Michelle Kristensen.

Each time Kristensen looked at her home that was damaged, she could not help but think of her mother-in-law, Pricilla Hastey, 88, who remains in critical condition after a tree fell on her bedroom.
"It's hard, my mother in law in the hospital. I found her so it's a little rough," said Kristensen.

Help though was on its way. Driving through the night, the brother of Kristensen, Rob Valet, made the 700-mile drive from North Carolina to help.
"Well she's my sister so I automatically came and it actually brought the stress back out. It's terrible. I felt like I was living it all over again," said Valet.

Valet lost his Sebastian home during Hurricane Jeanne. He knows the power of a helping hand and the importance of cleaning up.

"Then you can start to feel like you're getting a little bit of normalcy back into your life," said Valet.

Both Valet and Kristensen said no amount of repairs can mend their heartbreak, but the bond of family helps heal.
"We're alive and our family is here. We're okay. This stuff can be fixed. People cannot," said Kristensen.

Many residents said they can only clean up so much because their insurance companies want the damages left untouched to better investigate the destruction.

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