'Swip Swap' Facebook group helps mother of nine

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. - Mirana Mosquere is a single mother of nine.

"Yeah, it's really crazy , my schedule is very hectic, I have no me time, it's just mom mom mom," said Mosquere.

She admits there was little money for school shopping.

"I was like wow what am I going to do with my kids, they didn't understand they didn't know mommy couldn't get shoes and clothes," said Mosquere.

And that's when the 38 year old turned to Swip Swap.

Swip Swap is a Facebook group that allows users to sell or buy items.

It's like craigslist. But the page is only for those who live in Palm Beach County's western communities.

Penenori is a Swip Swap user. 

She's bought lights, toys and even appliances from her neighbors. 

Kandy's heart went out to Mirana when she read her plea for help,

"If I'm able to help someone, why not," said Penenori.

Rather than selling Mirana used clothing, Kandy and the group collected about 20 bags full of clothing

"I washed all of them for about a day in a half and separated them by sizes so she could give them to her kids," said Penenori.

The donations arrived just before school started.  

"Wow, I still can't believe a perfect stranger came to my aid and rescued my kids," said Mirana.

Mirana is still in shock. 

"I was just shaking, I was like... oh my gosh , I couldn't stop telling her thank you," said Mirana.

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