Horse slaughtered, dumped: Officers pull head, skin, legs of animal out of 'M' canal

Investigators believe it was slaughtered for meat

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. - Body parts of a decomposing horse were found just below the surface of the "M" canal in Loxahatchee Thursday. Animal control officers pulled legs, hooves, skin and a head out of the water.

"I'm just amazed, I've never seen horse parts here," said Tony Smith who lives nearby.

Ted Bethards lives a mile away, he saw parts of the horse last weekend while fishing, and led officers to the legs.

"I came down to show him where the feet were, he didn't know. I'd seen the feet here while I was fishing, even yesterday," said Bethards.

Investigators say it looks like the animal was dumped here last weekend. A necropsy revealed the horse was shot in the head and killed. Since no other body parts were found, investigators believe it was slaughtered for meat.

"You look for removal of certain parts of the body, the flank and other areas just like when cattle is processed," said Diane Sauve, the Executive Director of Animal Care and Control

Diane says similar cases have been found in Miami, but she fears it's becoming more common up here.

"To think that this activity is showing up more frequently in our area is disturbing, especially to horse owners," said Diane.

Ted owns three horses and says there are no words for the person who did this.


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