Loxahatchee labradors shot: Griffin family mourns loss, searches for answers

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. - A Loxahatchee family is heartbroken this Christmas after they say a neighbor shot and killed their yellow labs and then buried them Sunday.

"The labs and the kids were best friends. They went everywhere. We bought them Christmas presents," Robin Griffin said.

The Griffins said the dogs, Stardust and Vegas, got out through a fence on Sunday. They realized they were missing right before leaving for church.

Neighbors said they heard gun shots, and the Griffins said a neighbor shot the dogs after he claims they attacked a goat. They say the neighbor then buried the dogs.

"My kids say to me, 'Daddy, I've never seen your eyes this puffy. I've never seen you cry.' These dogs were part of our family," Jon Griffin said.

The Griffins said they called the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. They say a deputy responded, but told them he saw a picture of the dead dogs next to the dead goat.

"There is a lot of unanswered questions that I have that will never be answered. I just don't know why there were multiple gun shots. I don't know why they were buried right away," Jon Griffin said.

On Monday night, the community came together to help the Griffins exhume the dogs from the neighbor's yard and bury them in the family's backyard.

"It is amazing the way this community has supported us while we are grieving," Robin Griffin said.

The Griffins bred Vegas and said many of the puppies' owners have been offering their support and even bringing the dogs to their house to comfort the children.

But it is still hard for them to understand why the dogs they grew up with are not home for Christmas.

"I did tell them that Jesus chose Stardust and Vegas and they went to be with Jesus. I told them that Jesus needed special angels this Christmas and he chose them," Robin Griffin said.

The family said once they get through the holidays and the grief, they plan to get two more labs. But they say they will never replace Stardust and Vegas.

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