Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center volunteers give back to fellow riders


Meet Christina and Jeff.

They volunteer at Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center in Loxahatchee.

Jeff has an cognitive impairment. 

"He's jeff, he's sweet,the kids love him, he's great with the kids, he loves little kids," said Maressa Levy.

And his sidekick, Christina, is legally blind and deaf.

"She's great with all of the horse, she'll lead, sidewalk, anything you need her to do," said Levy.

Both Christina and Jeff started taking lessons as teens.

Now they're on the other side of the stable, teaching others how to ride horses.

The center works with children and adults with developmental, physical and psychological disabilities through horses.

Disabilities that Jeff and Christina overcame when they first joined.

"They came as clients and conquered their disabilities and now they are able to give it back," said Ruth Menor.

Giving back to fellow riders, Christina and Jeff now teach classes at the center..

Its an accomplishment founder Ruth Menor is proud of.

"Theres a lot of internal communication because either of them can really speak but they work together and help each other," said Menor.

"They're very important to the day-to-day operations, they pretty much do everything," said Levy.

Everything from grooming, to feeding.

Staff at the center are proud of Christina and Jeff. Proud that their own are now helping others.

"I know this is their lives, they're here all day everyday and they're just the heart and soul of the center," said Levy.

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