Acreage sewage cleanup underway after thousands of gallons spill

THE ACREAGE, Fla. - Seventy five thousand gallons of raw sewage spewed along 40th street in The Acreage.

The Palm Beach County Health Department will test nearby water sources to make sure none of it contaminated drinking water.

A plastic pipe four feet underground burst. The pipe has since been fixed.
The utilities department built a temporary collection area for the sewage, which it is now cleaning up.  It is being pumped into a truck. Workers are also covering affected area with lime to stop the smell, which some neighbors say gets better or worse depending on which way the wind is blowing.

"I worry a lot because we got a lot of problems over here with the water, dirty water," said Acreage resident Ricardo Manuel.

1,200 gallons of raw sewage ended up in a canal. The county says it has been walled off and it's not expected to be a concern.

Some neighbors say the burst pipe is unacceptable.

The utilities department says the pipe first burst back in 2010. It ruptured in a different place but the county says it is looking into replacing the whole thing.

It also says it is testing the water wells in the area as a courtesy, though it does not expect any long-term problems.

The utility department says only one property was directly affected.


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