Acreage residents concerned about horse manure stench

PBC considering changing dumping rules

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. - Some residents in The Acreage are taking their concerns about horse manure to the Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners.

The residents say their neighborhood is being overrun by the stench of equine waste that is being trucked into Loxhatchee from horse facilities in Wellington.

Kim Bolser-Aumen, who has lived in Loxhatchee for 11 years has horses of her own, but says the waste that is being hauled into her neighborhood and dumped is taking over. "It just doesn't dissipate because the quantity of it is just so much," she said.

Much of the manure is being trucked in from Wellington on residential properties where property owners allow it, which is not against current county rules.

Some residents, though, say they have had enough. "They can continually dump it and dump it and dump it," said Richard Auchter, who lives next door to a dumping ground for mounds of manure.

On Monday, the county Board of Commissioners pushed forward with plans for new disposal rules. The changes would put limits on dumping livestock waste on land where it was not generated.

Some farming groups say the proposed measures go too far and that the county should worry more about enforcing existing agriculture pollution regulations - not create new rules. County commissioners will discuss the topic again in July.

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