Large fireworks display detonates inside home in Village of Palm Springs

'Testing lighters' sparked fireworkers

PALM SPRINGS, Fla. - Thousands of dollars worth of fireworks accidentally went off inside a home in the Village of Palm Springs Thursday afternoon.

Just before 5, neighbors heard a large boom in the 3200 block of Drew Way.  Firefighters were just a few blocks away and rushed to the scene and put out the smoke and flames.

The Battalion Chief told NewsChannel 5 the homeowner was testing and filling up butane lighters preparing for a private fireworks show when a spark ignited the entire display.   

Luckily, noone was injured and there was only minor damage done to the home.

The homeowner, Mark Essary, called it a big "accident' and said "God's good to me" after looking at the damage left behind. 

The family ignites a large fireworks display every year on the Fourth of July.





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