Lantana Mayor David Stewart believes closing city's brige during construction saved city millions

LANTANA, Fla. - There will be extra costs to keep the Flagler Memorial Bridge open during repairs.

It's one reason why Lantana Mayor David Stewart decided to close the Ocean Ave. Bridge while the town replaces it with a new one. 

For the past year drivers had to deal with road closure signs and detours in order to get to and from the island.

Traffic was rerouted to either the Boynton Beach Bridge or Lake Ave. in Lake Worth.

Mayor David Stewart said had city leaders decided to keep the bridge open during construction, it would have cost taxpayers an extra 10 million dollars and would have prolonged the project for another three years.

The 62-year-old bridge closed last March. It'll cost 32 million dollars and is expected to be open around Thanksgiving.

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