South Florida residents brace for oncoming storm, homeowners prepare homes for more rain, flooding

Drainage district are lowering canal levels

SUBURBAN LAKE WORTH, Fla. -- - Residents throughout Palm Beach County are bracing for a storm moving out of the Gulf of Mexico, that forecasters predict, could drop two-to-four inches of rain.

Homeowners like Bob Clinkscales, who lives in the Suburban Lake Worth neighborhood of Florida Gardens, has a yard that is still several inches underwater from a heavy dose of rain the fell a week ago.

"If we ever got any more water than we're getting right now, like a real storm for three days straight, where do you think that water is going to go?" said Clinkscales.

The forecast of even more rain is bad news for Clinkscales as his septic tank is not working due to the excess storm water sitting in his yard.

"Not only do the toilets not flush right now, but you got to take showers. The snakes, the rats start building up," said Clinkscales.

One yard near Clinkscales had so much standing water, the resident had to use his own pump to make room for showers.

"It's been good for the ducks," said Julie Serino, a Suburban Lake Worth resident.

Serino's yard is still under water. She said she is on well water and must now watch how much water she is using.

As for Bob Clinkscales, he said his yard cannot handle anymore rain.

"No. I'm about done. It's already saturated everywhere you walk everything you do," said Clinkscales.

The Lake Worth Drainage District said as a result of the expected rain, it is lowering canal levels to make room for more storm water.

A spokesperson said they are working to prevent more flooding and expect to start seeing heavier rains on Wednesday.

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