Santos Adames charged with child abuse, shaking his son and causing brain damage

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's office responded to a call at the St. Mary's Hospital emergency room in reference to a five-month-old Lake Worth boy being admitted in critical condition with subdural hematomas (brain bleeding).

Medical personnel say that the boy's parents Yasika and Santos Adames denied any knowledge of what happened to him.

The parents claim that the mother, Yasika, watched the child during the day, while the father, Santos, was at work and the father watched the child later that day when the mother was at work.

Yasika reported that when she returned home the baby was sleeping, but was making strange movements and moans.

She says she attempted to wake up the child, but he was unresponsive.

She called 911 at that time.

Investigators met with the parents on Wednesday in the waiting room of St. Mary's ICU.

During that conversation, Yasika again denied any knowledge of what happened.

Following that conversation, the investigator spoke with Santos separately in the hallway and, after initially denying any knowledge of how the injury occurred, he stated that he dropped the child on his head while removing him from the bathtub after giving him a bath.

Santos later described the incident where he claims he dropped the child on his head.

He says he did not tell paramedics or any hospital personnel of the drop, allowing them instead to search for a cause of the child's condition.

On Thursday, investigators met with Child Protection Team's Dr. Rosenstein, who revealed that the child had been examined by Pediatric Ophthalmologist Dr. Lee Friedman.

Dr. Friedman reported finding "massive retinal hemorrhages in both eyes consistent with severe shaking."

Dr. Rosenstein reviewed the medical records and findings and concurred that the major injuries sustained by the boy were consistent with shaking (known as "shaken baby syndrome") and were not consistent with the drop in the bathroom as described by Santos.

Dr. Rosenstein stated that the baby had sustained massive brain damage, which will likely result in death.

Dr. Rosenstein stated that the child had severe brain swelling and was likely "brain dead".

Armed with this information, investigators once again interviewed Santos, where he initially stated he had only dropped the child.

After the medical findings were explained to him, Santos eventually admitted to shaking the child after becoming frustrated with him and his other children.

Santos came to the PBSO Special Investigations Division where, using a doll, he provided a recorded demonstration of how he shook the child.

Santos maintained that he also dropped the child on his head during a bath.

Santos is being held with charges of "aggravated child abuse" and "child neglect (great bodily harm)."

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