President Obama gun control proposals update: Gun sales soaring in Palm Beach County

LAKE WORTH, Fla.-- A day after the president gave a speech regarding his goals of tackling gun control issues, gun retailers say they're expecting crowds of shoppers to continue filling their stores.

Chuck Papp, manager of the Palm Beach Shooting Center, says he expects this trend to continue for the next few months.

Papp attributes the increase in customers to the president's speech on control, and on recent mass tragedies like the one in Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut.

Papp says, "Anytime you get one of those mass type shootings, or things like that, it triggers people to think ‘Here comes more legislation. It's time to buy more stuff.'"

Papp says this is good for business temporarily, but in the long run it can cause problems for both businesses and shoppers.

Right now, Papp says, manufacturers are having a tough time keeping up with the high demand for guns and ammunition seen around the country.

This is causing a steep hike in prices. "With dwindling inventories, prices are going to keep going up. What you see priced today may not necessarily be priced the same next week," Papp says.

The store manager says many customers were surprised to see the cost of high powered assault rifles. Many, he says, were expecting to pay about $1,000. Instead, they're now about $3,000 each.

Despite the hike in cost, Papp says he still sold more assault rifles than usual. He says his store typically sells about one assault rifle a week. On Wednesday, following the president's request to ban assault rifles, he says he sold six.

He expects this trend in gun sales to continue for the next several months.

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