Potential PBC ordinance could make it more expensive for homeowners to pave their dirt road

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - The cost to pave your dirt road could be going up.

Palm Beach County Commissioners are looking into an ordinance that would make homeowners pay to pave their dirt road.

People in the Palm Beach Ranchettes community, which is near State Road 7 and Lake Worth Road, are especially concerned about the proposal.

Once you pass Blanchette Trail, heading east and onto Bowie Way, you drive onto a private unpaved, dirt road.

"The county seems to maintain all of the roads and canals west of Blanchette and keep those roads clean," John Rofles said. "Ours is east of Blanchette and is just kind of left alone and I don't understand why."

A new county ordinance wants to make people like Rofles and his neighbors pay for road work if they want it paved.

"I guess since the county was doing it a different way before, it seems kind of unfair," Rofles said. "But I'm ok with paying my own way."

Rofles fears this could be too expensive for him and his neighbors when they want to pave the road.

Neighbors on Paula Nilsen's street paid a little over a thousand dollars apiece to pave their road a year ago.

"I didn't feel bad about pitching in and doing it ourself," Nilsen said. "I feel like we are on our own little private enclave out here."

But their road already has holes and she complains they still have drainage issues when they get heavy rains.

The county's current street improvement program includes helping with drainage issues.

That's why Rofles doesn't know if he supports the ordinance change.

"To me it's the most important thing because I would like having a dirt road but if the drainage was fine then what's the need to pave it as far as I'm concerned," Rofles added.

It's an issue county commissioners will continue to discuss.


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