Porches, sheds, expanding homes not allowed in mobile home parks in Lake Worth

Homeowners feel their rights were stripped away

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - Residents in a Lake Worth mobile home park feel their rights have been taken away. Attempts to improve and expand their homes are being denied left and right by the city. 

Ken Feister and his family recently asked for a permit from the city to install a screened in porch. He was denied. 

"I'm shocked, I'm dumbfounded on why they wouldn't allow us to make our place better," said Feister.

Turns out he's not the only one. Several people complained to Palm Beach Mobile Home Park HOA President Jerri Greene. They say they weren't being allowed to add-on to their homes. 

Jerri worries it's because the city no longer wants them there. 

"It's been mentioned in town counsel meetings that they want this park gone and they're trying to force us out," said Greene.

The city recently changed the zoning law of the park from residential to industrial. Much of the surrounding area is already zoned industrial, the city says it wanted the park owners to be able to build according to the industrial code if they so choose.

The city says it is not trying to force anyone out of their homes. But the move has Ken Feister thinking of moving himself. 

"My girlfriend and I were talking about that, about going to another place," said Feister.

Greene says she feels violated.

"Yes, because our decision-making has been taken away, other can improve their homes and we can't that's not fair," said Greene.

"They're not allowing us to make our house look better, live more comfortably. I'm getting up in years and I would like to live comfortably, not be out in the hot sun," said Feister.

The neighborhood is looking into whether they can fight the change but they fear it's too late. 

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