Police hunt for two men suspected of abducting a woman from a bus stop

Suspects drove a green Ford Explorer

PALM SPRINGS, Fla. - Emily Duval keeps her eyes peeled while waiting for the #61 bus along 10th Avenue North in Palm Springs. 15 years of using public transportation taught her to stay alert. Learning of an alleged kidnapping catches her by surprise.

"I have to use the bus system, I try to find the safest area and this is the one I thought was safe," said Duval.

Police say two Hispanic men abducted a woman from the bus stop Friday around noon. One allegedly sexually assaulted her, while the other one drove.

The woman fought back.

"What she did was kick and fight and scream, and not be a willing participant in her own kidnapping," said Lt. Sal Abruscato of the Palm Springs Police Department.

The woman kicked one of the men in the nose, and they let her out of the car about four miles away in Greenacres. She immediately called police, no suspects have been found.

NewsChannel 5 shared the police flier with women who frequent the bus stop Wednesday. They took pictures of the sketches, so they know who to watch out for.

"I'm always by myself and it's bad. I finish work sometimes at 1:30, I'm afraid to be by myself at the bus station," said one rider.

Police say it was a random incident and no similar crimes have been reported recently in the Palm Beach County area. The lesson here is to be alert.

"Wish you could just read a book while you wait for the bus, but that is too dangerous," said Duval.

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