Palm Beach School for Autism:Teacher assistant at autism school being investigated for alleged abuse

Teacher assistant on administrative leave

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Parents of an alleged child abuse victim share what they claim happened to their son at school.

"Why did this man take our son to the bathroom alone, why did he come out with scratches on his face? Why did he have his shirt up over his head crying, we want to know what happened?" said Jeff Gallamore.

Their son attends the Palm Beach School for Autism in Lake Worth. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office is investigating a teacher assistant - twice accused of inappropriate contact with students. 

"We were told by the staff that they believed my son was being sexually abused by a staff member," said Nicasia Quinn-Gallamore, the mother of the alleged victim.

Nicasia questions whether the school acted quickly enough to protect her son. 

"On November 20 a teacher came forward about the misconduct within 20 seconds of me learning this, that staff member was removed, dismissed from campus," said Ann Levene-Eisenberg, the executive director of the school.

Parents came out supporting the school, and the way it handled the initial allegations. 

"I felt like I needed to support my school and I feel it and the administration is being vilified. I'm confident with the way things are going on," parent of student at Palm Beach School for Autism.

But these parents are so disappointed, their son has not returned to class since November, when the initial allegations were reported. 

"It breaks my heart. I just want answers. I want to know what happened. I don't want to hear their version of the truth, I want to hear exactly what happened to my son. I have that right, I should've been taken seriously the first day that I mentioned it and I wasn't," said Nicasia.

No criminal charges have been filed against the alleged suspect, who we are told is in his mid-20's. A lawsuit could be brought against the school in the coming weeks.

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