John Adair: Lake Worth football players honored during halftime for perfect seasons

Players return after decades for perfect seasons

LAKE WORTH, FL - As John Adair watched Lake Worth battle Palm Beach Lakes on Friday night, what happened on the field was familiar, even seventy years since he's played.

"The football game is still the same," he said.

It's the size of the crowd that's changed.

"Sixty years ago when I was playing, we used to have as many as 5,000 spectators at football games," said Adair.

They probably cheered wildly.

The 1942 team was a perfect 10 and 0.

He was honored for it Friday during halftime, along with reps from Lake Worth's other perfect seasons.

He blames smaller crowds on bigger distractions.

"We didn't have computers and games and all that stuff. People got together more. I think it was more of a community than it is now," said Adair.

He has spent a lifetime collecting artifacts documenting Lake Worth football.

He's 86 now, and says carrying on Lake Worth's tradition has never been more important.

"You can't play sports unless you can listen. When you listen, you learn how to learn."

Adair says he is one of six living representatives from that 1942 Lake Worth football team.

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