Joe Ehrhart: Friends and family remember local man killed in house fire

Investigators unsure what caused fire

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - It's an action few would ever take. Putting yourself at risk to help save others from a fire.

While a fire spread inside a Lake Worth home Sunday, Joe Ehrhart jumped into action.

"When Joe awoke to the fire he had a choice. He could've run out. But he went to the stairs to scream up to his roommate and his roommate's daughter until they got up and were safely to the balcony," said close family friend Marsha Jaquays.

Marsha says minutes later fire crews rescued the roommate and his 15 year old daughter from the balcony. Joe didn't survive, he breathed in too much smoke.

"He was a soccer coach, a friend, but more importantly a hero," said Marsha.

Barbara Walker lives down the street from the suburban Lake Worth home where Joe died. 

"Someone lost their life. I feel very back for the family, I'm sorry he didn't get out," said Walker.

He's a man to remember, with a growing tribute living on social media.

Fire investigators have yet to determine what started the fire.

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