Hundreds march for Immigration Reform in Lake Worth

Hundreds marched down Lake Avenue in Lake Worth Saturday hoping for immigration reform.

They called it "National Day of Dignity and Respect." The march was one of 150 across the country.

Organizers say there are over 15,000 undocumented workers in Lake Worth.

They say many of them are not paid fair wages or not paid at all.

"I feel like a slave. I work hard for two weeks and then they don't pay me," Oscar Hernandez said.

Hernandez says he does construction work and sometimes the bosses don't pay him.

He says there is nothing he can do because he is afraid if he tells the police he will get deported.

"He didn't want to get in trouble so he let it go. It happens all the time and they move on," friend Pedro Alaniz said.

Another woman named Doris shared her story through translator Isabelle Vinent.

"She used to work in Wellington cleaning homes and they allowed her to work without papers but they made her agree to work for less money," Vinent said.

Organizers say it is happening all over Lake Worth and all over the country.

"If they are criminals we need to deport them, but if they are upstanding citizens we need to help them out," Carol Fields of Lake Worth said.

Many of the activists plan to go to Washington DC this week for an immigration rally on Wednesday.

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