Gabriel Mccorry-Henry: South Florida teen setting example through volunteering and charity work

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - A south Florida teenager is setting an example through surfing. He's on a mission on the water to help other local kids, and his community.

Like a lot of teenagers, Gabriel Mccorry-Henry wanted a summer job.

"I was looking for a job and there was really no job that would hire me for my age, so I typed in 'non-profit' because I was like, I want something to do. I really wanted to give back and do something more meaningful with my life," said Gabriel.

Being a waterman, he found Share the Stoke Foundation, a local non-profit that gives surfboards to kids who can't afford them.

Kelly Kingston is the founder of the Share the Stoke Foundation.

"What we've witnessed over the last few years, is that we are giving these kids surfboards but in doing that, kids are creating discipline within themselves," said Kelly.

That discipline keeps kids like Gabriel out of trouble, and in the winners circle. Gabiel is a triathlete and semi-pro stand up paddleboarder.

Not only is Gabriel volunteering for Share the Stoke Foundation, he's taking it to the next level by grabbing his paddle and stand up paddleboard and racing for local charities.

"Representing Share the Stoke when I race is getting me more of a drive to do well. I found it more fulfilling to race for charity and to know that your entrance fee is helping other people"

Quite an inspiration at just 17 years old, not just to kids, but adults too.

His mother, Pamela, agrees. "Can you imagine how the world could change if more kids would learn how to volunteer and give back and think about others, rather than thinking of their own agenda, and how that could domino effect and change the world?"


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