Ferna Quesner: Daughter accused of removing mom's eyes near Lake Worth

Friends of Blonia Quesner speak out

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - A Palm Beach County mother's life hangs in the balance after investigators say she was attacked - her eyes gouged out - by her own daughter.

The 59 year old victim remains in critical condition at St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach. Blonia Quesner's family is said to be preparing to make funeral arrangements, even though the unincorporated Lake Worth resident is still alive.

It is a struggle for Mattie Mae Spurleck to get through her housekeeping duties at the Holiday Inn Express in West Palm Beach.

"So sad," said Spurleck, because her friend and coworker of 15 years, Blonia Quesner, should be there. Instead, she is in the hospital struggling to survive. "Like a sister, a best friend to me," said Spurleck. "We are very close."

Quesner's eyes were gouged out with a kitchen knife. That is only part of a brutal beating that the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says was inflicted by Quesner's owner daughter, Ferna Quesner.

"This person was a human being and nobody should be able to go through that," said Mark Beck, Blonia Quesner's boss.

Beck still cannot believe what investigators say his employee went through inside her home the night of July 4.

"You would see this in horror movies, in staged situations that were fake," said Beck. "But to actually hear something that this could be done to another human being. It was heart-wrenching."

In addition to her severe eye injuries, the victim sustained  a broken nose, two broken forearms and head trauma. "She's on life support and they don't think that it's survivable," said Beck.

Ferna Quesner is behind bars charged with Aggravated Battery as well as Attempted Murder. Those charges could be upgraded if the victim passes away.

Friends and coworkers of Blonia Quesner have created an e-mail account for anyone interested in a donations for Blonia's family.

Loved ones are researching the process for creating a charity fund and plan to help pay for medical and/or other costs. The email address is BlessingsForBlonia@gmail.com .

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