Community Land Trust of Palm Beach County helps local woman move into new home

American dream fulfilled for local military woman

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - Her National Guard uniform is one of the first things Moraima Medina moved into her new home. The 23 year old spent the last two years searching for the right house to buy, and it wasn't easy. 

"It was stressful and frustrating. Not just finding the home but I was competing with investors and cash buyers," said Medina.
Earlier this year Medina came across the Community Land Trust of Palm Beach County. CLT buys foreclosed homes, and fixes them up. It then sells the home and rents the land to the buyer to keep the overall price down. 
"Part of the challenge is if you can find an affordable home it needs work and they can't afford it," says Cindee LaCourse-Blum with the CLT of Palm Beach County.
If not for CLT, Medina couldn't afford this house in her hometown of Lake Worth. This July 4th she is proud of the freedom she has fought for, a freedom that now includes a home of her own.  
"It will be a date to remember, the 4th of July is the beginning of my new home," said Medina.

Medina has been in the National Guard for six years, including one tour of duty in Iraq.

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