A Flower Patch: A year after fire burns flower shop, owners give Valentine's Day thank you

Business blooming a year after fire

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - At Lake Worth flower shop "A Flower Patch," February 13 is busy, but nothing like February 14.

"They all wake up on the 14 and say, 'Oh my God'," Betsy Hillman, who co-owns the shop, said.

On February 15 of last year, Betsy and her husband Todd, woke up saying the same thing.

"If I thought about the big picture it was too overwhelming," Todd said.

The day after Valentine's day, the 27-year-old Lake Worth shop, caught fire.

"The entire inside of the building had to be torn out," Betsy said. "It was completely gutted."

Without insurance, the Hillman's had nowhere to turn.

"Half an hour after the fire people started coming to help," Betsy said.

First was an employee, she said.

"The first out of (the employee's) mouth was I'm donating my salary to you. I don't want to be paid," Betsy said.

Then came volunteers, many former customers giving what they could.

"Dear Betsy and Todd, I'm sorry to hear that your flower shop burned," a card Todd pulled out of his desk read. "Our country must have the mom and pops trust in your neighbor you will survive trust and believe, sincerely Betty and Molly."

Reading the cards a year later, brought tears to Todd's eyes.

"I really don't even know her," he said.

"That's just amazing to me," Betsy added. "That's God talking right there."

Now a year later, in a rebuilt shop, A Flower Patch is filling each order, hoping not to just deliver a smile this Valentine's Day, but gratitude.

"I'm making sure everything is perfect, perfect, perfect because I want to try to at least say thank you in anyway I can at least by giving beautiful, beautiful flowers," Betsy added.

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