Kimberly Lindsey update: Ex-husband Albert Lambert dead from an overdose, was top suspect

Albert Lambert was top suspect in her murder

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw has confirmed that Albert Lambert, Kimberly Lindsey's ex-husband and the top suspect in her murder, is dead from an overdose.

Law enforcement were outside a home in Miami monitoring Lambert, who was inside the home.

Lambert's body was carried from the house by his sister and her (husband), according to Sheriff Bradshaw. The couple was approached by the surveillance team.

They attempted CPR on the body they had carried out in a sheet, but he was pronounced dead at a hospital in Coral Gables.

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Lindsey's blood was found on his clothing at the scene of his death, a residence Lambert co-owned in Miami. His  blood was also found on a Toyota Camry that was registered to Albert Lambert, according to the probable cause affidavit.

"The bottom line is we were going to charge him with first-degree murder, no doubt," Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said at a news conference Sunday afternoon.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Kimberly Lindsey and Albert Lambert were divorced in November of 2012. However they were going through court hearings over alimony and child support. Lambert was refusing to present the required documents to the courts in regards to child support and alimony issues. In a court hearing on Friday, Oct. 25, Lambert told the presiding judge that he would either "disappear or go to jail" before he paid anything.

Crime scene investigators said a a violent confrontation happened at the Palm Beach Gardens home where Lindsey lived after which her body was removed and taken to the remote area where it was discovered, according to a news release.

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The probable cause affidavit also reveals Lambert bought a .22 caliber gun recently, and tests showed that Kimberly Lindsey was shot with the same size gun.

After confirmation of their mothers' death, Lindsey's daughters wrote this message on the "Find Kim Lindsey" Facebook page, "It breaks our hearts to have to write this, but our mom has passed away. There are no words to describe how we feel. This is an extremely tough time for us but we will try to stay Kim strong.  Thank you everyone for all your help in the search, and please keep Kim alive in your hearts. She will always be a part of us. –Sarah, Sofia, and Savannah"

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