Jose Vega identified as gunman at Doctors Choice Medical Center, sheriff's office says

Luis Gonzalez killed, Ana Villa injured

Many in the West Palm Beach Cuban-American community were grieving Friday after a shooting at Doctors Choice Medical Center on Thursday.

The victims are a couple according to friends. Ana Villa is in fair condition at Delray Medical Center. She is the manager at the office according to a person identifying himself as the owner.

Her boyfriend, Luiz Gonzalez, died on the scene according to Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office detectives.

Detectives say the shooter is Jose Vega and he took his own life.

The couple shot at Doctor's Choice Medical Center. (Photo provided)


"It came as a shock to me. I learned Luis had such a tragedy last night. I can't find words to express how I feel," Lazaro Calero said.

Calero is the President of the Cuban American Club in West Palm Beach.

He was planning a vacation with the couple and says Ana Villa was on the board of the club.

"She is going to need all the support of her friends and family. And not only her...Luis' family needs all the support right now, too," Calero said.

Friends say the argument at the medical center was over some type of business,.

No one was answering at Vega's Lake Worth home, and his neighbors are in disbelief.

"I don't know what would make someone go to that extreme at a doctor's office. What would happen to make someone snap like that," neighbor Stephanie Harris said.

Friends say Villa was shot in the hand and the bullet grazed her neck.

Hospital officials at Delray Medical Center say she is in fair condition.

"I hope with God's help she will be okay," Calero said.

PBSO detectives say the investigation into the motive is ongoing.

The address we showed in our 6pm newscast on the shooting of Luis Gonzalez included video of an address where according to police shooter Luis Vega once lived. To clarify, he has not lived at that address in more than a decade.

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