Heavy rains have saturated much of the ground in the area

HYPOLUXO, Fla. - Much of the Palm Beaches and the Treasure Coast is a muddy mess after recent rainfall of historic proportions. Many residents are concerned about the damage done and also about how much more rain some areas can take.

When an area gets socked with nearly two feet of rain in 24 hours, it is going to make an impact. "I came out and I shined the light over here and I almost fainted," said Bob Heeter of Hypoluxo. "What in God's name happened? Where are we?," he asked.

The seawall along the canal on Periwinkle Drive could no longer support the weight of the waterlogged sand and soil behind it. "The whole yard just literally moved out," said Heeter. "It was saturated so bad that it just moved itself toward the seawall," he said.

"It's a good thing it's only a yard and a dock and a seawall and not us," said Maria Brunett-Hetter.

The Heeter's community was the so-called 'jackpot' area for this week's torrential - and historic - rainfall. "It's amazing… 22 inches," she said. "A cloud right on top of us."

As much of the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches begin to dry out, new damage caused by the powerful rains is beginning to surface. So much water has already seeped into the ground, leaving many people concerned about what the next round of rain will do right in their own backyard.

"We're sweating another downpour," said Heeter. "If it does come, it will make it even worse."

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