Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, Greenacres Fire give family devastated by fire a Christmas miracle

Firefighters brought toys, household items

GREENACRES, Fla. -- - They lost everything they owned in a fire.

On Monday night, a Greenacres family got an unlikely, early visit from the North Pole that saved their doomed Christmas.

With sirens blasting and the roar of an engine blaring through a neighborhood, a family of six got the surprise of a lifetime within minutes.

Using the help of Old Saint Nick, Greenacres Fire along with Palm Beach Fire Rescue gave out a Christmas that almost did not happen.

"I was kind of scared, I thought something happened," said Jamal Brown, 11.

The fire trucks startled Brown and his family at first. The last time they heard those noises, they were watching their Greenacres home go up in flames.
"When I realized everything I had was gone, it was just hard. I mean we literally left with what we had on," said Nicole Johnson, mom and homeowner.

Johnson was devastated with the fire happening just days before Thanksgiving.

But then, her holiday miracle appeared.

Toys, household items, gift certificates and everything a family needs for a great Christmas.

"This is unbelievable. I can't even begin to thank everybody for everything that they've done. People we don't know this is just great," said Johnson.

With families of their own the firefighters were the real heroes. They risk their lives, help rebuild new ones and all they want in return is a smile.

The family is still looking for an apartment to live in.

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