Greenacres home catches fire, smoke billows over Lake Worth Road

GREENACRES, Fla. - Black smoke hovered over Lake Worth Road in Greenacres Friday afternoon. 

It came from a residence at 140 Perry Avenue.

Fire rescue says the house was vacant and had been abandoned for quite some time. It had been vandalized in the past and had broken windows.

No one was inside when the fire started and no one in the area was injured.

Neighbors say they heard a loud boom and came out to see smoke billowing down the street. Residents say they were concerned for their safety.

"All of a sudden you heard like a boom of some sort. I didn't think nothing about it, went back inside. All of a sudden, maybe about two minutes later, you hear sirens. I come back outside and this house right here was just enveloped in flames," said neighbor Michael Morse.

Perry Avenue has been blocked off but the fire is under control.

Fire rescue says the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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