Florida lawmakers turn up heat on tanning bed debate for minors

"I had bad acne when I was a kid so when I started tanning it went away," said Erica Nielsen, an indoor tanner.

Erica Nielsen has been indoor tanning since she was in ninth grade.

"If you're okay with the kid drinking or smoking they still can't do it and this is far worse," said Kenneth Beer, Dermatologist.

Dr. Kenneth Beer says indoor tanning is detrimental for young skin and should be illegal. One Florida lawmaker is working on it.

The Preventing Youth Cancer Act would prohibit minors from using tanning beds even with parental consent.

"To take away and add damage at that point is a big mistake and really critical to the skin," said Beer.

But many people say just 7 minutes in a tanning bed is not only relaxing, but has cleared many skin problems.

"People with eczema, psoriasis.. Doctors recommend these beds," said Patti Alm, owner of South Beach Tanning Company.

Alm owns a tanning salon in Suburban Lake Worth. She says UV beds are safely timed for moderation.

"It's a controlled environment, better laying here than in the sun," said Alm.

Alm says one visit packs your skin with vitamin D, and the only risk is over doing it.

Dr. Beer says you only get healthy skin or a tan, not both. 

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