Clifford O. Taylor/Kirklane Elementary School no longer on lockdown after Crock-Pot causes concern

PALM SPRINGS, Fla. -  Ever since the Boston bombing, many are keeping their eyes open for anything out of the ordinary.

A maintenance worker at Village Green, an apartment complex in Palm Springs off of Kirk Road, found what he says looked like a pressure cooker in an upstairs laundry room.

He put a caution sign over it and called his boss who later called police.

The bomb squad was called in and they evacuated part of the apartment complex.

It was later determined the cooking item was more likely a Crock -Pot and was not dangerous.

Clifford O. Taylor/Kirklane Elementary school was also put on lockdown as a precaution.

"As soon as I pulled up and saw that, I got very nervous. I wanted to take my kids out of school, but I understand why they are safer inside," parent Yida Latino said.

Police say more people are on edge because of the situation in Boston.

"People are much more tense and on higher alert than normal. That is actually a good thing. We don't want them to panic, but it's good when they call when they see stuff like that," Lt. Sal Abruscato said.

Police say the Crock-Pot likely came from a neighbor trying to give it away.

They don't expect to press any charges.

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