Caps of Love: Money raised from recycled plastic caps will help disabled children in South Florida

Volunteers boxed up between 7 to 8 tons of plastic caps Monday morning to raise money for Caps Of Love.
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More than 200 boxes were loaded on a truck that will go to a recycling plant in Troy, Alabama.

The money raised will be used to buy wheelchairs and service dogs for handicapped children.

Each cap goes for about 20 cents each.

Organizers say recycling the caps also help save the environment.
"Well we have the environmental effect of saving the plastic caps from keeping them from going into our landfill or in our local case, they are incinerated.  So we want to save the environment and at the same time, we can benefit disabled people by something we were just throwing away anyway," said Valerie Jones of Caps of Love.
Organizers plan to start collecting another batch of plastic caps and hope to ship another load out in 4 to 5 months.


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