E. Clay Shaw: Former South Florida Congressman has died

After lengthy battle against lung cancer

 People across South Florida are remembering E. Clay Shaw, Jr.

The former Republican Congressman and mayor of Fort Lauderdale passed away Tuesday night after a long battle with lung cancer. He was seventy-four.

Shaw represented parts of Broward and Palm Beach counties -- and spent nearly three decades in Congress -- sweeping into office as part of the Reagan Revolution.

After the death of Adam Walsh -- he introduced the Missing Children's Act.

He led the way in the war on drugs.

He also had a hand in welfare reform.

"Yeah, we have Republicans. We have Democrats. But he truly, in Washington, as a member of Congress, would go across the aisle with Democrats [and] come with them, let's come together [and] do what's best, as he would say, for the next generation and not the next election. Too often we're worried about the next campaign cycle. And, Mr. Shaw was so focused on what can we do to better the country, to better the state of Florida, and to better the people that he represented for twenty-six years in Congress," said Eric Eikenberg, his former chief of staff.

A memorial service is still being planned. E. Clay Shaw is survived by his wife of fifty-three years, four children and fifteen grandchildren.

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