Fort Lauderdale plane crash 911 calls released by police

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - NTSB Investigators said Wednesday the pilot of a plane that crashed Friday from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport did report an emergency before slamming into a repo parking lot under a mile from the runway.

The crash killed the pilot, Steven Waller. Two flight engineers, Wally Watson of Boca and his son Kevin, were also killed.

Fort Lauderdale Police released the 911 calls from Friday's crash. Many of the callers were on Interstate 95 on their way home from work when they witnessed the plane attempt to turn and then crash.

"A plane just crashed near Powerline Road and Commercial. I heard the big crash and I saw the smoke," one caller said.

Another caller became alarmed as she got closer to the fireball.

"I need to get out of the way! It is exploding and I need to get out of the way. I just saw it crash into the back of a warehouse... I don't think there are any survivors," a caller said.

The question now is whether the calls will assist the NTSB with its investigation. Some of the callers gave information that could provide clues about what happened.

"It immediately turned south. I thought it was going to try and land again, but then it crashed," one caller said.

Another caller noticed the engines: "A multi engine airplane with several props just crashed and it looked like it was slow and stalled before crashing."

The NTSB says it has moved the wreckage to an offsite hangar. It expects to have a preliminary report in the next week, and a final cause in about a year.

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