People bundle up in the cold weather on the Treasure Coast

STUART, Fla. - Temperatures were low on the Treasure Coast Thursday. But not everyone is inside with the heat on. Some people bundled up and had fun in downtown Stuart. 

The outside dining areas were empty, but not the streets. 

"It's a breath of fresh air is what it is," says Doriana Ory.

Ory was bundled up in a big coat and boots. She was in downtown with Patrick Young, who opted for layers.

"I put on two shirts so I left my heavy jackets at home," says Young.

Not everyone was prepared for the cold air.

"I'm a Florida baby so I am just not used to this weather," says Morgan Pistole.

She was outside on a bench waiting for someone to pick her up after work. Pistole says she wished she had gloves because her hands were cold. 

Long sleeve shirts were a big seller at Harbor Wear on Osceola Street on Thursday. Most of the buyers were tourists.

"They didn't pack a sweatshirt or something for cold weather and they just need it for a day or two," says employee Denise Rodi.

There's one man who could have used a sweatshirt.

"I didn't want to have to rough it this bad," says Ralph Vartuli.

Vartuli spent the night in a tent at Phipps Park. 

"I'm sure I'll stay warm you know as long as I use my layers," says Vartuli, "I got a sleeping bag and two blankets. That's two blankets there. That usually keeps me pretty warm."

Vartuli drove down from North Carolina with his dog, Aphrodite. He didn't expect a chill in the sunshine state. 

"I didn't think Florida was gonna be that cool," says Vartuli.

Vartuli's neighbor at the campground is from Wisconsin.  A campground attendant says that camper decided it was too cold to sleep outside, so she left. 

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