Woman shot by stray bullet while in hospital bed at Crozer Chester Medical Center in Pennsylvania

Shot while lying in a hospital bed

A 62-year-old woman sitting in her hospital bed was struck by a stray bullet.

The woman was at Crozer Chester Medical Center in Chester, Pennsylvania for a routine procedure when the bullet came flying through her hospital window.

Jack Whelan, Delaware County District Attorney said, "Ahe heard a popping sound, and then reached down to her side, her abdominal area, where she noticed that she was in pain and had blood coming out of that area."

The victim suffered a flesh wound to the torso and was immediately taken to surgery.

Police sources now say two corrections officers are being questioned by detectives with the help of Chester police.

Tuesday night sources say the men were at Chester police headquarters.

Investigators believe the bullet may have come from one of the corrections officers' guns.

The men were allegedly on a nearby parking garage rooftop Monday night when one of the bullets traveled through the first floor hospital room window.

"This bullet pierced through two panes of glass. The bullet could have traveled up to an excess of one mile", said Whelan.

Sources say multiple casings were found on that rooftop. One of the corrections officers did ask for an attorney during questioning.

"There is (sic) very serious charges in regards to discharging a weapon in and around facilities. Certainly the possibility exists based on the evidence collected of aggravated assault."

The victim of the stray bullet is currently in stable condition and no arrests have been made.