Woman confronts driver over handicapped parking space, two children left in car

Temecula, CA - A confrontation over a car parked in a handicapped space with two children left alone inside was captured on cellphone video and shared thousands of times on Facebook.

A woman was at a Temecula shopping center when she noticed a female shopper park her silver Mercedes in a handicapped parking space and leave to go inside a store.

The woman, shooting video on her cellphone, went to the Mercedes and saw that two children were by themselves in the backseat.

The shopper came out of the store, and that is when the woman began asking her if she was handicapped and why there were two children in the car in nearly 100-degree heat.

"Two babies? Wow, lady, you [have] some nerve!" the woman said. "Are you handicapped? Are you walking?"

"Yeah, there was another spot and another spot ... you know it's [expletive] 100 degrees outside ... you can shut the [expletive] up ...," the shopper said.

The shopper even waved and said "hi" at the cellphone before getting into her car.

"I'll tell the police, 'MYBLOND' ... two children! 100 degree weather!" the woman said.

The woman who captured the incident posted the video on her Facebook page, and as of 2 p.m. Friday, it had more than 11,000 shares.

However, the video was removed just before 3 p.m.


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