WEEK, WHOI-19 Sandy Gallant, Chuck Collins forced off the air as tornadoes approach

PEORIA, Ill. - A pair of news anchors had to take cover as tornadoes swept by on Sunday.

Mid-broadcast, the anchors for WEEK, HOI-19 Peoria, Illinois, realized they needed to stop telling people who needed to take shelter -- and take shelter themselves.

Here's a transcript of what they said:

"If you are in the path of this cell, now is the time to take shelter. Get to your basement; get to the center-most portion of your home and take cover. I'm hearing things right now, Chuck."
"I think we may need to take shelter--"
"--right now, ourselves."
"We do."
"We need to go off the air. We will be back when we can."
"Right. We'll be right back."
"Let's go!"

The storms killed at least six people and destroyed at least 70 homes in Illinois. They also caused hundreds of thousands of power-outages, including 390-thousand in Michigan.

There were reports of wind damage from parts of Missouri to Ohio.

PHOTOS: Tornadoes devastate Illinois and Indiana (http://bit.ly/1bJ8odu)