Was Hispanic man targeted because of George Zimmerman not guilty verdict?

BALTIMORE - It happened at the corner of North Streeper and Fairmont just north of Patterson Park.

Baltimore Police say a group young black males assaulted a Hispanic male Sunday night.

The location is irrelevant, even the assault is not normally newsworthy but it is what they may have said that has police and residents unsettled.

"Allegedly, one of the juveniles said "this is for Trayvon."  This is part of an active investigation," said Baltimore Detective Angela Carter-Watson.

Police say allegedly because detectives haven't locked down that part of the story, but a social media post by a resident does;  she posted on the community's Facebook page saying she just witnessed the beating and the group running off shouting  "for Trayvon," a chant she told us she heard at least three times clear as day.

While we know this resident's name is out there we chose to blur it and omit it from this report.

She finds herself in the center of a national media firestorm right now and chooses to keep a low profile; the endless phone calls from CNN, Fox News and local media only showing the reach of the George Zimmerman verdict last weekend.

One that didn't exactly surprise resident Linn Thorburn, but didn't think she'd find right out her front door.

"I was sad, surprised that it happened right here outside of my house.  I guess hopeful that it doesn't happen again."

The odds are slim, Patterson Park is a strong neighborhood with committed residents.

It's the motive behind the beating that remains the issue here; white, black or Hispanic, people who live here were repeating the same sentiment today: protest the verdict fine, but do it without the violence.

"Have a candle light vigil or something for him you know?  But beating on another race because that race did something to another race is completely wrong to me, but hopefully, we'll get it together," said resident Dareck Cromwell.

Baltimore police meanwhile continue to work this case, as of right now there are still no arrests.


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