Walmart standoff video: Sammie Wallace shot by police after kidnapping incident

MIDWEST CITY, OK - Authorities in Oklahoma released new security camera video of a kidnapping incident involving a two year old girl at taken at knifepoint at a Walmart store in Midwest City.

The video shows the suspect Sammie Lamont Wallace grabbing the child named Zoey out of a shopping basket and holding a knife to the toddler's head last week.

"There was nothing I could do but stand there and beg for her life," said the girl's mother Alicia Keating.

Authorities were called to the scene.

The Today Show reports police said Wallace started a 60-second countdown that he warned would end with him harming the child.

After several minutes of negotiating with the suspect, Wallace was shot and killed by an officer.

"When you have a suspect that starts counting down on a child's life, we're going to have to take appropriate action and unfortunately we had to use deadly force," police captain David Huff said in the Today Show report.

The district attorney's office determined that the use of deadly force was lawful, and justified, and no legal action was warranted.

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