VIDEO: Fight at daycare center, McGarity School of Prep, endangers children, caught on camera

A brawl at a Georgia daycare center last year was caught on tape.

And when you see it you'll realize it's a miracle none of the babies at the center were injured in the fight.

It's hard to tell where or how the fight begins, but daycare workers at McGarity School of Prep told police it was David Gray who blew up during a meeting with the owner, hitting her in the face while gathering his children's items to leave.

And witness statement after statement says he went on hitting everyone in sight, even setting his child down in a crib, or in one report, dropping his child on the ground, so he could hit them some more.

Gray's attorney says the video speaks for itself. 

Gray is just stretching out his hand to defend himself, as he tries to get out of the room.

And at no time do you ever see him set his child down.

If the fight weren't troublesome enough, look again at the babies caught in the chaos.

One child barely escapes being trampled on as the fight pushes an Exersaucer out of the way.

The daycare had no comment on the incident.

Police originally arrested the father, charging him with battery and disorderly conduct, but the charges were later dropped.

Gray's attorney says the real attention should be on the workers, arguing in a written statement, "We've concerns about the health and safety of the children and whether these employees have the appropriate temperament to supervise and care for them."

The Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning says the fight was never reported to them.

But after seeing the video, the agency says it will investigate the daycare to make sure the children at the facility are safe.