Two Avon HS students have unforgettable prom

INDIANAPOLIS - Saturday night proved an unforgettable one for two Avon High School students.

Tyler Brooks and his best friend, John, have Down syndrome. That didn't get in the way of an exceptional prom night, however -- aided by a little help from their classmates.

"He has a special place in his heart for me, but I have a special place in mine,too" said Brennan Hadley, Tyler's prom date.

"These girls are beautiful. They can take anyone they want," said Shari Smith, Tyler's mom. "They have boyfriends, obviously. Two Downs boys are probably not their first choices, and it's just touching that they would want to make their night special."

The boys' dates raised the money to ensure they didn't have to pay for anything to attend prom. 



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