Surveillance video captures car crashing through daycare

(WAVE) No one was injured Wednesday morning when a car came crashing into a Radcliff, Kentucky daycare center.

The accident happened around 7:20 a.m. at the R & L Child Care.

According to Radcliff police, a man was taking his son to school when the car slid on a patch of ice and slammed into the daycare building.

"We're trying to get through this," said Lincoln Beverly, R & L Child Care owner.

Surveillance video shows the eerie moments right before a car comes crashing through. You can see young children are on the other side of the room.

"Thank goodness there were no kids on that side of the room," said Beverly.

Minutes before the impact a small boy walks into the room and out. Beverly says he was not there at the time, but watching the video back is tough.

"My grandkids are in the day care also, so your mind flashes to all the kids that are usually here at this time," said Beverly.

Seven children were inside at the time. Radcliff Police say the driver 's Dodge crossover hit a patch of ice and he lost control.

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