School 'ties' together in support of family

(KARK) Thursday at Central Primary School in Arkadelphia, Arkansas was seemingly another normal day for everyone, but there was something different.

You won't see Roger Crawley at school without a tie around his neck and his way of doing things, at least for the day, has rubbed off on others.

"Everybody in the whole entire school wants to wear a tie, even 3rd grade," Roger said.

While the focus is centered on this second grader's attire, most of the attention is directed toward his older brother Robert.

Five years his senior, the two still could pass as twins as the big brother has lived a life limited by severe scoliosis.

In February, Robert is set to go into his ninth surgery. And this one's a big one.

"They're gonna put a halo on me," Robert says. "Stretch me. And then back surgery."

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