Residents, business owners ready to welcome back visitors after Superstorm Sandy

(NBC News) Memorial Day weekend is here and it's back to business along the Jersey Shore.

After seven-months of hard work and recovery from the devastation of Superstorm Sandy, thousands have already begun to arrive for the annual "kick-off to summer" holiday.

Many of the iconic boardwalks in places like Seaside Heights and Point Pleasant Beach have been restored.

Marilyn Schlossbach completely rebuilt her Asbury Park restaurant.

She's also now hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

"We aren't trying to build a mansion here, we are trying to get back to work," she says.

Amidst the fresh wood, upgraded amusements, refurbished vacation homes, and newly painted facades
Sit reminders of the heartache.

Some rental properties still need siding.

Others haven't received permits to start over.