Playhouse built on Kentucky silo by grandfather Rusty Combs

OLDHAM COUNTY, Ky. (WAVE) - It's become quite the attraction in Oldham County, Kentucky.

Rusty Combs has had the idea for a playhouse for his grandchildren for a long time and he's finally made that idea come to life.

Combs' 20-month-old granddaughter, Kiley, is his pride and joy. Before she was born, Combs had a dream, something that's actually been decades in the making.

"It really did get designed along the way," said Combs.

First he imagined it for his two sons, but never got around to it. Once Combs became a grandfather he knew it was finally time to make his dream come true.

"Well, it started out about two years ago as a two-month project," said Combs.

It was a process that was bound to turn a lot of heads.

"All my immediate neighbors have been fantastic," said Combs. "I think every single one of them has come and helped me on it from time to time."

Since it's been complete, onlookers can't get enough. "They run into each other in and out of the driveway almost," said Combs. "I think this past week there has probably been about 100 or so cars in and out and it's understandable. I would probably stop, too."

Combs says safety was key. He had to get a building permit and a structural architect had to approve the design.

Courtesy: WAVE, NBC News Channel