Phones may not work in frigid temperatures

 (WBAL) The cold can be dangerous for people and pets, but you might not know it can also damage your smart phone.

The folks at CPR Cell Phone Repair in Pasadena, Maryland see a lot more damaged cell phones when the weather gets cold.

The battery gets drained much faster, the screen is more susceptible to cracks, and that's not all.

"It actually can stop it from working if the phone stays out too long and you try to restart it in the cold," explains CPR's Rob Robbins. "You can damage the internal workings of the iPhone, you can damage the motherboard, there's all kinds of things that can happen."

Different phones have different temperature thresholds for optimal operation.

For example, iPhones should only be used down to 32 degrees, while Samsung smartphones can be operated down to -4 degrees.